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Home Preparation Checklist

This Checklist provides you with instructions on how to prepare your home for photography. Preparing the home for photography is like preparing the home for your most important guest. In this case, your most important guest is the potential buyer who is deciding whether to visit the home based on the photos they see online. Please note that insurance requirements limit the photographer’s ability to handle personal property, so the home will be photographed in the condition the photographer encounters when he or she arrives. To ensure the best results from the photo shoot, please prepare the property using the checklists below.


Before we arrive:

  • All home improvement projects should be completed and cleaned up

  • All landscaping projects should be completed and cleaned up

  • Staging should be completed in advance of the appointment

  • The driveway should be clear of cars, trash cans, debris, etc.

  • In the yards, ensure that garden hoses are rolled up and loose items are put away

  • Kitchen counters should be cleared of clutter, soap, sponges, dishes, small kitchen appliances, etc.

  • Refrigerators should be free of magnets and items should not be placed on top

  • Bathroom counters should be cleared of toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, soaps, shampoos, etc.

  • Washers and Dryer areas should be cleared of loose laundry, detergent, etc.

  • Trash cans should be hidden and toilet seats should be down

  • Beds should be made and dressers cleared of clutter

  • Loose items laying on floors should be stored in closets or the garage


When we arrive:

  • Turn on all lights in the home

  • Turn off all TVs and ceiling fans

  • Put all toilet seats down

  • Open all window treatments

  • Turn on any water features

  • For twilight shoots, turn on all interior and exterior lighting and light any gas firepits

  • Provide any special instructions to the photographer


Once the photographer is oriented to the home, please allow him or her to perform the job without unnecessary interruptions. This includes asking to see images on the camera during the photo shoot. If you have any questions about preparing the home for photography, please don’t hesitate to contact us for additional guidance.

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